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Motion Detectors – How Can Motion Detection Systems Prevent Crime?

Executive Summary about Motion Detector By Steve Strong
Motion detectors have a range of devices, such as standard indoor motion detectors, waterproof outdoor motion detectors, and motion detector cameras that cover the surveillance aspect of security all around.

If you have a business premises such as a warehouse or a factory premises that needs to be secured 24X7 hours a week, the outdoor and indoor motion detection cameras. Can be a better choice.

An alarm security system is a better alternative, if you have a day-night manned surveillance control room on your premises. In case, you do not have such manned post available through the night or otherwise; you can plug the indoor and outdoor motion detectors into a central security system.

If you have very big residential premises, you can still think of putting the outdoor motion detectors or the motion detector cameras to strengthen your security. The outdoor motion detectors certainly help your security personnel to secure your big or small business premises as well as you and your staff or family members from a forthcoming trouble.

The Vital Role of an Indoor Motion Detector in Home Security

Executive Summary about Motion Detector By David Deffenbaugh
After the door and window alarms, indoor motion detectors are a primary feature of good, effective home security system. Unfortunately, many people are leery of motion detectors. Here are the various kinds of indoor motion detectors available..

Infrared — Though magnetic sensors are the most common in home security systems (used for door and window alarms), infrared sensors are the most frequently used in motion detectors.

These sensors are designed to detect radiated heat and are often referred to as PIR sensors, or passive infrared sensors.

Microwave — Microwave sensors are able to detect movement by emitting microwave energy.

Dual — One of the frequent issues in indoor motion detectors is with the family pets.

Ultrasonic — These sensors can be one of two types. More commonly known as glass break sensors, these actually detect the shock wave created when a window is broken and so they are often referred to as “glass break sensors”.

These devices are sometimes called “sound” or “acoustic” sensors. Indoor motion detectors play a vital role in home security.