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How To Cheat In Exams

Tips On How To Cheat In Exams

Though an unlikely and perhaps even unpopular subject to discuss, there is hardly any doubt that there could be thousands of students who could have cheated at least once in their life time. While there is hardly any doubt that there could be raging debates regarding the morality or even legality of such cheatings in exams, it is something which cannot be brushed under the carpet. Hence, over the next few lines, we will try and learn about a few tips which could answer the question as to how to cheat in exams.

Choose The Right Form Of Cheating

When it comes to cheating in exams there are quite a few options available. One could have some bits hidden in different parts of the body or they could simply look at the answer sheet of a student next to him or her and cop contents from the same. There are also many students who use modern day technology like mobile phones, Bluetooth and other such methods to find out the right answers to the question how to cheat in exams. Hence the first starting point is to find out the right method of cheating which is comfortable and in line with the actual situation on the ground.

Do Not Run The Risk Of Getting Caught

Cheating in exam requires some about of guts and not everybody will be able to do it. Many of the students become jittery and their movements, body languages and face show it all. Hence it is very important to be calm and composed. Looking nervous and uneasy will attract suspicion and therefore the chances of getting caught become that much more possible. It is also important to understand the need to be realistic when cheating in exams. It might be virtually impossible to cheat the entire contents of the exams and one should choose only a portion of it for cheating. Especially when one is attending online exams and the time limit is very tight, looking up bits of paper hidden in the body and answering questions would certainly be not possible.

Important To Dispose Evidence

The next important point is to ensure that no evidence is kept with you after the cheating has been completed. Today, many exam halls have CCTV and other methods of monitoring students and therefore it would be extremely risky to move around with bits of papers and perhaps even electronic and other devices inside the exam hall. There is a need to dispose the materials which are being used for cheating. However, one needs to be discreet about the manner in which they are disposing the aids or tools which have been used for cheating.

Lastly, it would be always advisable to keep the matter to yourself and not discuss even with your best friends. This is because it is quite likely that even your best friend would feel jealous about your being able to succeed in the exams and he or she might be the one who could complain against you and put you in serious trouble.